“As Salome’s former student in both academics and art, she inspired us to reach further by encouraging exploration and thinking outside the box. Her assignments cultivated our natural curiosity and ideas.  Salome gave me the artistic freedom and supportive instruction that helped me develop my voice as a student and an artist.”  -Noa, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture

"Mr. Travisano always has well planned lessons that stick with me. In every class I've ever taken with him, there have been clear objectives and concepts that all students comprehend and enjoy talking about. Mr. Travisano has helped me learn to think and write more critically and concisely."        -Eleanore, Tisch School of the Arts

"I am a graduate of SOTA Media, the film program at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, and a former student of Salome's... I feel grounded and confident because of my experiences in Media, having learned the value of a creative community and how to work hard. Now, I am a junior in the animation department at the University of Southern California, and these skills help me every day to keep making good work that speaks from my own voice. I'd recommend SF Summer Arts to any young creative." - Cecilia USC, School of Cinematic Arts

"Since I was 14, Salome has guided me through the process of finding and curating my artistic style in film, writing, and visual art (painting, collaging, drawing etc.)... As high school was reaching its end for me, she helped me with my college applications, and shared the joy I felt when my dream school, Pratt Institute, accepted me to be a student. Salome is one of the most encouraging, inspiring, and talented artists/teachers I have ever known. "    -Sarah A., Pratt Institute