Week Two

The OPEN HOUSE is this Thursday, July 16th from 2 - 4. Please come see the work we have done and support our SF Summer Arts Collective. 

This morning we had a long conversation about the nature of being misunderstood in general and  especially our artwork. Noa brought in slides of his previous work and the written descriptions of the work. We dissected the descriptions into their components and agreed that he had a perfect balance of biographical information, thematic considerations, presentation of materials, and meaningful insights. It's amazing what can fit into a short description when its well-written and how much a good writer can control the viewers understanding of the artist and work.

There are several collaborative pieces under way as well as individual artworks using sound, animation, sculpture and painting.

We ended last week with a trip to SCRAP to forage for materials and inspiration. This week the focus is on writing about our work and continuing to create our individual and collaborative projects. 

Salome Milstead